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The Grand at Rum Creek | Live Life Grand!
5 Reasons to Renew Your Lease!

1.    We have GRAND Resident Events!
-    Here at the Grand, we love and appreciate our residents! We like to offer events that will bring our community together, as well as help each resident get to know one another. We hold different events such as themed parties, gaming events, contests, and a whole lot of free food! Did I mention that it’s all free? Here at the Grand, we love to give back to our residents, as a way to say thanks for choosing to live your life Grand!

2.    We have GRAND Rates!
-    Typically, the earlier you renew your lease, the better your rates are going to be! Plus, if you move to another apartment, you will not get a renewal rate, which is typically less expensive than new lease rates! That’s why you need to renew your lease today!

3.    Moving is a Hassle!
-    Let’s all face it, who enjoys moving? Moving takes away time from things that you wish that you could be doing, such as hanging out with friends, enjoying a delicious Starbucks coffee, watching a movie, or hitting the gym. Plus, with our busy lives, who has time to move?

4.    Renewing is Quick and Easy! 
-    You may be a little hesitant on renewing your lease for several different reason. You may feel that renewing your lease will be time consuming, or maybe you don’t have time to come into the office. However, here at the Grand, renewing your lease is quick and easy! You never have to step foot into the front office! In fact, you could renew your lease from the comfort of your bed, your parent’s house, the library, or across the country. Simply give us a call, send us an email, or come into the office, and let us know that you want to renew your lease. Once you do this, we’ll send you a renewal offer. Once you accept this, we can send you a lease, which can all be electronically signed! Renewing your lease has never been easier!

5.    Save Money on Moving Costs! 
-    Let’s face it, moving can be expensive! If you don’t have a truck, you’ll have to rent a moving truck, or borrow a friend’s pick-up-truck. If you don’t have moving boxes, you must purchase those, as well. All around, it’s more economical to renew your lease than move any day! 

5    Reasons to Sign a Lease Today!

1.    We offer Individual Leasing!
-    In college, we understand that you need to stay somewhere affordable. At the Grand, you can do just that. We offer individual leasing to make it affordable for college students to get their very own luxury apartment. 

2.    We Offer Roommate Matching!
-    Some of you may have experienced a bad roommate your freshman year of living on campus. I’m sure that there was also plenty of you, who wished that you could have stayed with your best friend down the hall or in another residence hall? Here at the Grand at Rum Creek, you can do just that! You want to stay with your best friend(s)? No problem! Maybe you don’t have a specific roommate in mind? No worries! Our professional staff carefully roommate matches everyone based off their preferences! 

3.    Freedom from a Residence HallI!
-    I’m sure that many of you are finishing up your stay in a residence hall and looking for a change. I’m sure that there was a lot of rules that you had to to follow, and I’m sure that you felt that you were being watched from time to time by your RA’s? Maybe some of you also had limited visitation hours? A combination of all of this can seem like a nightmare! All you want is a little freedom! After all, you’re all adults! Might I suggest an apartment? More specifically, might I suggest the Grand at Rum Creek! Here at the Grand, we treat you’ll as the responsible adults that you’re. When living your life Grand, you get all the things you had in a residence hall along with the freedom that you might not have had. 

4.    We have Shuttle Services!
-    Maybe the reason that you stay on campus is because it is close to classes, or maybe you don’t own your own car, making the campus shuttle service convenient. Well, here at the Grand, we offer complimentary shuttle services that go to and from the University of Alabama, Shelton State Community College, and Stillman College! We carefully create our shuttle schedule based specifically around our residents! Here at the Grand, we’re all focused on you! 

5.    We Have All Inclusive Apartments!
-    Here at the Grand, we offer fully furnished apartments, with hardwoods, and stainless steel appliances! Not to mention, we also offer cable, internet, and water. Moving into a place of your own has never been easier!