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The Grand at Rum Creek | New Year, New You!

The sun has officially set on 2017! Whether you laughed, cried, lost, or gained, 2017 was definitely a year to remember.  Take the time to reflect on your year, then think of all the new opportunities 2018 can bring!  The New Year is the perfect time to start fresh and find new ways to grow, and there is no better way to do that than to set a few new resolutions!

New Year's Resolutions have a bad rep, but with personalized tweaks and reasonable goals, there is nothing wrong with setting a few attainable goals for the New Year.  We’re sharing our tips for making great goals for the new year that are sure to stick with you year round! 

1.    Start small! - Large goals are harder to maintain and are somewhat intimidating, so start small! If your goal is to go meat free, shape your goal around eating more vegetables instead. Remember, it’s easier to add, than to subtract. This way, it doesn’t feel so overwhelming.  

2.    Motivate Yourself! - Goals are great in our heads, but daily motivation is the way to keep it alive in practice!  Say you’re shooting for good grades in 2018; post a picture of that 4.0 above your desk, or make it your lock screen on your phone.  These small means of motivation can make a big difference in the long run!

3.    Focus on what you are good at, not what you’re bad at! - Be positive! Resolutions revolve around improvement, and there is nothing wrong with recognizing what you’re good at.  If your goal is to be more active, there is nothing wrong with taking more of your favorite yoga classes, instead of signing up for that intimidating CrossFit class your friends want to try.  If sharpening your skill still helps you reach a goal, go for it!  You can always try a more difficult class out, but if you feel like it will be harder for you to maintain, then don’t feel bad about staying with what you know you’re good at.  

4.    Make it personal! - A vision board is a great way to visualize your goals, as well as a way to completely tailor them to what you want! Motivational words and stories, as well as pictures of your favorite places and people, make vision boards very personal.  Having a visual of your goals, alongside those visuals of your role models and favorite motivational quotes, really makes a difference in how attainable you see those goals.    

5.    Keep it simple! - Make things easy for yourself, while still making progress.  Some things like finding a place for the fall might seem like another huge hassle, but it doesn’t have to be!  Renew or sign your lease with us and check that off of your 2018 “to-do’s” like a boss! Here at the Grand, renewing your lease is quick and easy! You never have to step foot into the front office! In fact, you could renew your lease from the comfort of your bed, your parent’s house, the library, or across the country. Simply give us a call, send us an email, or come into the office, and let us know that you want to renew your lease. Once you do this, we’ll send you a renewal offer. Once you accept this, we can send you a lease, which can all be electronically signed! Renewing your lease has never been easier! 
b.    If you’re signing your lease with us for the first time, simply apply online at, and sign your lease all online, as well! Here at the Grand, we want to make signing your lease as easy as possible! 

So, there you have it, we hope you’re resolution-ready for the New Year!  Happy New Year and don’t be afraid to chase those goals!