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The Grand at Rum Creek | We're here to help you Spring into Finals!
April is here, which means that the semester is almost over! Some of you will be graduating, which means that you will be starting a new chapter in your life. The Grand at Rum Creek Team would like to wish you’ll a happy and successful future whether that be here in Tuscaloosa or elsewhere in the world! For those of you who will be heading home for the summer, we want to wish you’ll safe travels. Finally, for those of you staying here in Tuscaloosa to take summer classes or to work, we want to also wish you best of luck and success, as well! 

However, before your summer plans can commence, you have to crush finals! The Grand at Rum Creek Team would like to offer you some tips and advice to help assist you in dominating Finals Week! 

1.    Get Plenty of Sleep! 
-    If you’re not well rested, this is going to affect everything!  You may be a night owl and run off 4-5 hours of sleep per night, but you will be surprised by how getting a good night sleep can make you feel much better! It has been our experience that getting a good night sleep can result in better focus, concentration, memory retention, attitude, and so much more!

2.    Eat a healthy breakfast!
-    Breakfast is a great way to start your day off. You don’t want to be that student in his/her 8 am exam with their stomach growling. At that point, all you will be able to think about will be how hungry you’re, instead of focusing on the test at hand. Another great tip is to take snacks and water, juice, or coffee to your exam, especially if you have back to back exams! 

3.    Study well in advance!
-    Let’s be honest, we’ll have that friend who can study for 5 minutes and make an “A” on the exam. However, for the most part, most of us cannot do that. Most of us will need to study well in advance to do well on our exams. So, with that being said, don’t wait until the last minute and study, study, study! 

4.    Group Study
-    We don’t think that anyone absolutely loves to study all the time. We’ll dread going to the library or staying up late to burn the midnight oil from time to time. However, it must be done, in order to make sure that you do well on your exams! So, why not study in groups and make studying enjoyable? This way, you will each learn something from one another. After all, two brains are better than one! 

5.    Make Flash Cards
-    Flash cards are an amazing tool to help you study. Think about it; you can study on your way to class, while waiting in line at the food court, before you go to bed, etc. Don’t make studying more difficult that it must be. 

6.    Stay Positive
-    Sometimes, a positive attitude can be all the difference between doing well and not doing well on an exam. You may know the material front and back from studying, but sometimes all you need to have is a little confidence in yourself and a positive attitude.

7.    Take Breaks
-    Have you ever been so tired of studying that you cannot concentrate? Here at the Grand, we think that we have all been there. When you get to this point, you’re not doing yourself any good at all and are probably not retaining much information. So, make sure that you take plenty of breaks. You will be surprised at how standing up for five minutes and walking around, getting a snack, watching a quick episode of your favorite TV show, etc. can make a big difference in helping you refocus. 

8.    Make Studying Fun! 
-    You will be surprised by how fun studying can be if you change up traditional studying. Why not reward yourself by getting so many answers correct? For instance, for every 10 flashcards that you get right, you get to watch 10 minutes of television. How about for getting at least 80% of your flash cards correct, you get to treat yourself to a sweat treat from your favorite restaurant or coffee from your favorite coffee house!? The list doesn’t have to stop here with these ideas. How can you make studying fun for you?  

9.    Use Your Network! 
-    Don’t go into finals alone. Look to your friends and upperclassmen, who have already had the class, for help on the exam. They will be able to offer you helpful insight as to what the exam was like, what to study for, etc. 

10.    Renew Your lease! 
-    This is probably the most important step to ensuring that you will do your best on your final exams! We’ll have a lot to do outside of class and work! Why not make housing for the Fall one less thing to worry about? Renewing or signing a lease for the Fall has never been easier! 

For renewals, you can complete your renewal lease in 3 easy steps!

1. Call the office and request a renewal offer to be sent via email.
2. Log into your resident portal and accept the renewal offer.
3. Sign your renewal lease through the online portal! 
For new leases, you can also sign your lease in 3 easy steps!

1. Create a resident portal account at
2. Complete your online application.
3. Sign your lease through your online resident portal.

Good Luck on Finals!